Top 5 Romantic candlelight experiences to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bangalore


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and we’re hoping you already have plans with your loved one. If No? well, then we are here to help you out in choosing some amazing options for where you can spend Valentine’s Day with romantic candle light dinner in Bangalore. There are a number of romantic places in Bangalore where couples can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and enjoy the feeling of togetherness. Take a holiday break in Bangalore to reignite romance in your love life. Here is our list of the top five restaurants in Bangalore for a romantic candlelight experience.


1. Special Candle Light Toast Under The Stars At Radha Hometel:


The hotel ambiance resonates freshness with the view which emanates an inviting sensation of warmth. This three-star hotel lets you flavor the special candlelight dinner with your loved one at a private space. A dreamlike peaceful ambiance, chef’s flavorful five-course meal and the starry night go perfectly on this valentine’s day.


2. Romantic Candlelight Moments At Svenska Design Hotel:


With modern and classy furnishing, state of the art amenities and world class service, Svenska Design Hotel fascinates you with its perfection. This hotel also has the amazing soul area for candlelight experience. Svenska hotel is a wonderful place to stay and unwind from your mundane life.


3. Roof Top Candle Light Dinner At Aurick Hotel:

Rooftop at Aurick hotel


Aurick hotel is one of the finest boutique hotels in Bangalore. A romantic set on the rooftop with balloons and rose petals decor is an ideal place to have a romantic date with your loved one. It offers five-course buffet dinner along with an unlimited IMFL(Indian-made foreign liquor), this is a remarkable destination to unwind with romantic tracks in the background.


4. Romantic candlelight dinner at Aloft Hotel:

Dining area at Aloft


Aloft Hotel is one of the most premium hotels in Bangalore. The jaw-dropping infrastructure and delicious cuisines will create a romantic ambiance for candlelight dinner. There will be welcoming drink, five-course buffet, and wine. They provide live band performance and Dj to entertain you.


5. Impeccable candle light dinner at Icon Bhagini:


Icon Bhagini is a classically appointed four-star business hotel. This hotel combines amazingly beautiful valentine’s day ambiance with impeccable personalized service to the guests and offers five-course buffet along with a special gift for the couple.




So, are you planning for candlelight experience this valentine’s day? Check out these romantic candlelight experiences from budgeted to luxury restaurants and hotels to wind beautiful memories for a lifetime with your special one. 





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