Romantic Poolside Candle Light Dinners for Love Birds in Bangalore

Tired of buying those flowers and chocolates to express your love already? No? Don’t worry! If you’re having a tough time figuring out how you’re going to make your beloved feel special, we have the perfect solution for you. Whisk your beloved away to breathtaking candle light dinner places among the sweet embraces of nature to tell them just how much you love them. These are not only places but unbridled experiences that will leave an imprint in your memory forever. give them a solid surprise that’ll get you those brownie points that we all love so much. 

 Sit back and check out the best romantic places in and around Bangalore to enjoy a perfect holiday and rekindle the romance!

Go on, surprise your other half to bits!


Best Moonlight Poolside Dinner Experience

Dine under the blinking stars and experience yet another feature of romance when you celebrate your special day at this retreat in Bangalore that is nestled amid the enticing beauty of nature. A special dining experience in an exclusive cabana is the highlight of this package letting you revel in the charming atmosphere enhanced by the aroma comes out of the candles and rose petals.

Best 5 Star Poolside Candle Light Experience

When it comes to romance, expressing never fail. In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it is indeed hard to catch that one moment where you can explore the romance with your significant other. Surprise your loved one with a candlelight dinner experience at this poolside restaurant and revel in the romantic ambiance as your taste-buds are treated to amazing and delectable cuisine.


Exclusive Poolside Candle Light Dinner

If you want to put a fresh twist of experiences on your romance, then the best way to do it is to engage in experiences that are far from the ordinary! You can enjoy a romantic dinner and marvel at the gorgeous view of the city from the heights will fill you with wonder and awe! There will also be soft music playing to set the mood of the activity.


Exotic Poolside Candle Light Experience

Appreciate a paralleled poolside dinner as you delight in a romantic visit with your loved one. Relish a delectable candlelight dinner by the pool, Delight that will cast its shine in your wonderful poolside dining area, where you will get a private space all to yourself! Reenergize your relationship and sentiment with this experience that will without a doubt be one of its kind.


Poolside Candle Light Dinner for 2

Take a time out and explore the happiness of just being with your partner in a specially tailored pool rooftop dining experience which will be unforgettable for you. This unbeatable dinner experience will take you on a dreamlike setting on the rooftop of a gorgeous restaurant. Relax in these stunning surroundings as the stars sparkle on your amorous encounter.


Exclusive Poolside Celebration At 5 Star Hotel

If just candlelight, romance, and dinner are not enough for you, then embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity to dine beside a flowing pool.This pool dining experience treats couples with an unparalleled charm of dining in a way that is unheard of. The dining area is built especially for you amid a gorgeous expanse of natural beauty. Enjoy dining in a private nook that has been made just you and your partner.


Exclusive Candle Light Dinner For Special One Near Poolside

The romance of a starlit sky has been extolled enough in our beloved Bollywood songs, so you know it has the magical ability to revive a lost relationship. Give yourself the much-needed pampering and joy of togetherness with a romantic experience of dinner under the stars in a rooftop pool restaurant. The inky blue sky plays the job of being an ideal marquee to your shared happiness.


So, which one is your pick from our list of the best romantic poolside candle light restaurants in Bangalore? Willing to let your beloved know how much you love them? Make sure to venture off to all these romantic places in  Bangalore with your beloved at least once in your life.

Best Decoration Ideas for Naming Ceremony

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a secular event. It is a joyous moment for any family. A naming ceremony is held to officially announce the name of the little one. Though this was earlier held only as a small function at home, the scale of naming ceremonies in India has now really grown.

In Hindu tradition, the celebration encompasses a naming ceremony which is known as the Namakaran ceremonyThis is regarded as a highly auspicious and revered rite of passage for the new-born baby. This traditional custom also helps to introduce and create a lasting bond between the baby and the rest of the family and well-wishers.

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Take and look and have a blast!


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Top Exotic Places for a Day Out in Hyderabad

Introducing you to some great day out places that are in and around Hyderabad providing prompt services and offering thoughtful concepts and themes. These places ensure that friends and each family member get to enjoy the vacation in their own way. Whether it is introducing to a new activity or simply offering major fun at one place, whether it is the food or the guided tours everything is taken care of for those who love spending time together with their dear ones. Here are a few handpicked day out stays in Hyderabad for a memorable time with friends and family.


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10 Best Resorts in Bangalore for a Fun-Filled Day Outing

At some point, everyone looks forward to spending a day away from the mundane activities of routine life which can infuse you with renewed vigor and energy. Not just family members or working professionals, even tourists visiting the city need a place to unwind. A resort is one such place which usually comes to the mind when we think of a place to relax. Go for a family outing, with your friends, or even as a corporate team outing to a resort that will make your day a memorable one. We have a few resorts ranging from luxurious resort to budget resorts in Bangalore, which will make a great day out spot and help you relax amidst the mesmerizing nature.

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Getting a house for yourself is one of those unbelievable moments in life that makes you proud. A housewarming celebration gives you an assurance as to staying proud of your achievements. Shifting to a new home is one of the most exciting and important life event. It is the perfect opportunity to show off their new home to the important people in their lives. Hosting a housewarming is a great way to welcome everyone into your new home also, a perfect excuse for catching up with friends and family left behind in the old neighborhood. A housewarming celebration should not be about just inviting your guests over, it’s about filling your home with good vibes.


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There’s something about a little boys birthdays that is so special. The little one’s party wouldn’t be complete without the perfect theme which he would like. A theme planned decoration helps determine whether a party feels happening or low. A good obvious theme is important in this age group, to help focus on your little boy’s attention spans. If you’re looking for a fresh take on a birthday party theme, here are few boy themes for a birthday party that will inspire you to celebrate your little or big guys birthday with a blast.


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Introducing Collections – It’s now much easier to find the right option for you being an online platform for all kinds of celebration, we have a lot of options for those occasions. We realized that a lot of our users open the website with no idea about what to search for but land up getting lost midway seeing 1000s of a wide range of options. This made us rethink the customer experience and come up with the idea of collections, that would save our customer’s valuable time. For instance, earlier when a customer had to book decorations they had to take some time out and scroll through the vast range of decors we had.


What are Collections?

As we aim at achieving completely hassle free customer experience, we are one step forward. We have introduced collections – different options that are shown in a sorted and simplified way which helps you view your occasion requirement. This is definitely our biggest update and we think it’s pretty awesome to share it with you all. Collections which we have launched are very specifically classified into different categories so that you can view options we offer related to the occasion you plan on celebrating. Some of our collections so far are naming ceremony, baby shower, home balloon decorations, trending cakes and yummy kids snacks packages.

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