Introducing Evibe Blessings Box: The Magic of Blessings

“Happy Birthday to You! May God bless you! Happy Birthday to you!”

The moment we hear these sweet sounding, honeyed words, we become nostalgic and all those fond memories take us back to our childhood. Such is the beauty and charm of these words. And when it comes to Birthday Celebration, Parents try to do their very best to make their kid’s day special and memorable. But parents while donning the hat of Host, Many a times found themselves confronting a question: How to win over the kids and guests?

Insturctions Blessing card

Don’t worry! Evibe has got the solution for every problem when it comes to celebrating birthday for your Kid. We have got whole array of fantastic elements to make your kid’s birthday special ranging from face painting to magical and chemical activities. But the best part about Evibe is that we have always strived to make your celebration unique and innovative. And this time we have come up with a very very unique concept “Evibe Blessings Box.”

Evibe Blessing box on cake table at a party

Guest checking out the blessing box

Yup! You got it right. This innovative concept of Blessings Box is as fresh as our delicious cakes. We have invented a unique way to post your kid’s well-wishers wishes in this Blessings Box. A treasure trove of priceless wishes. It helps in capturing the valuable blessings of your kid’s well-wishers. But you guys must be wondering how does it work? Hang on! Let us draw the curtain over this “magical” Blessing Box.

Blessings Box is a cardboard box which has two compartments inside. One, for keeping the empty blessing card, and the other, for placing the written one. It can be kept near the cake table or on return gifts table. Guests who come to the event can write their heart-felt blessings for the birthday child on the card and drop in this box. Now Host can keep these blessing cards safely in it.

Guests writing blessings (2)Guests writing their blessings

Imagine the ecstatic feeling and unbridled joy of your kids when they grow up and find these blessings handwritten by their grandparents, uncles and aunts. Gifts cannot replace the value of handwritten Box filled with written blessing cardsblessings. Not only guests but also parents cannot resist themselves from writing their blessings to their child on the special day. The amazing fact is that the host can show it to their kids when they grow up and can read it in the future as well.

It is the endeavour of Evibe to make your bonding of relationships stronger through our innovative approach of celebrating your special moments. Blessings Box is just another step in that direction. We are getting a great response from our customers and even the guests who attended the party are also spellbound by Blessings Box.

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