9 things 90’s kids miss on their birthday

Childhood is something we all cherish. Remember how we used to celebrate our birthdays in the 1990’s? Those were the good old days of Doordarshan, Gully Cricket, Roohafza, Landline phones, Champak, Walkman, WWE cards and many more. These are the memories that are forever etched and among them stands our Birthday celebrations.

1. Most awaited and best day of the year

It's My Birthday

Birthday definitely was the most awaited day. Preparations used to start days early.

2. The Landline- Birthday connection


Relatives and friends wishing us “happy birthday” over Landline. that sure was proud moment when we knew most of the calls that day would be for us.

3. Mom made experimental yummy sweets: limited choices but priceless.

Mom made yummy sweets

Most of the things used to be homemade ranging from mom cooked food to delicious homemade cakes. And we made sure all our favorites make it to the list on that day.

4. Shopping, shopping & more shopping.


This was they day when we used to take full advantage of the fact that parents don’t say “No” to our requests.

5. Celebrity at School!  “Best friend” gets more & best teachers get special 5 star!

Then came the breathtaking moment of visiting our school in non-school uniform (or color dress as we used to call it) on our birthday where we used to feel like a celebrity of our school.


And how can we forget that there used to be some secretive deals among our friends to grab as much chocolates and candies during their distribution in the class. We didn’t have a lot of choice, but still love these the most!

6. “Happyyyy birrrrrthday to youuuuuuu”.


The whole class used to sing the ubiquitous birthday song “Happy Birthday to you, May god bless you,” and that subsequent suffusing of our cheeks with pinkish blush. Feeling great when we used to be wished by random teachers whom we never interacted before.

7. “Uuufffff… Uffff” – cake cutting time.

Happy birthday to you

And now we have everyone! Friends and family get together to have a piece of the delicious cake. We sure used to serve cake to everyone along with uncle chips and a cool drink. And before all this, how can we forget to make a wish before blowing the candles. One of these used to definitely make it to the list.

Birthday party snacks


8. Smile please, click click.


Photo sessions were the most exciting things in those birthday celebrations. The good old cameras and the way they used to capture our memories is still matchless.

9. And the counting begins.

Its gifts time! the moment we have been waiting for whole day 😀

Gifts count

Finally! Before going to bed, we used to count our gifts and Archies greeting cards that we used to boast of on our birthday as an achievement.

Cycle gift

Getting a cycle was a dream come true



we sure owned more than one of these  



And these definitely were our prized processions


Alas! Those days are hard to come by again! However, can’t we make those memories alive again for our children by sparing out some time out of our busy schedule. I think we should make some effort and reach out to our children with a personal touch and warmth because they not only need gadgets and gizmos on their birthdays but also our time, affection and care.

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