A happy way to make yourself happy on your special days

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, parties, everything is celebrated for a reason. Some plan for this day weeks ago while some plan it even months ago. But ever thought what God would be having in his checklist for his birthday party? Cakes, gifts, booze, plants, planets, or something extraordinary? This may get weird and funny as you think more. If it sounds something unique to you, then why not spend your special day as “special”. There are loads of ways to celebrate your happy days in “happier” ways. Want to know how? These are few ways to bring a small change:

Don’t feed hundred, just feed one: Some have a hobby of reading books, and some have a passion for the food. If you love food, then share it with those who don’t even get one meal in a day. You can sponsor a meal for the day for NGOs like Cheshire Homes and Vidyaranya.Sponsor meal on your birthday


Cheshire Homes are active since 1961 to empower disabled girls and elderly women. “No one has ever become poor by giving” is Vidyranya’s slogan and thus helps to empower children, old ones, and women. This can give you a big fat smile (just like you see Gol Gappa)!


Everyone needs a family: If you adore kids or even if you don’t, still you can’t ignore their cute smiles (or ugly dirty faces)! You may be an apple of the eye of your family. Ever thought what about those children who doesn’t have a family? You can help such children by supporting distance adoption.

Adopt a child on your birthday

Smile Foundation is present in 26 states and helps to sensitize privileged children, youth, and women. You can get involved with them by supporting any child’s adoption (even Virat Kohli did his bit this year by helping Smile Foundation). And if you want to give someone’s dream a chance, join Akshaya Patra. Akshaya Patra needs no introduction and has won many awards for their epic contribution for children’s welfare.


Education is hope: All you knowledge bugs out there, it’s time to re-share your love for knowledge! Sponsoring a child’s education is the happiest way to spread your passion across the globe. And NGOs like Samarthanam and Vidyaranya can help you make this possible.

Sponsor education on your birthday

Samarthanam is focused on visually impaired, specially challenged and economically underprivileged children. You can sponsor any child’s education (like Microsoft, Tata, CRISIl) with Samarthanam.

And if you think that you’re tight on money, then take a small step. There are organizations like Vidyaranya who acknowledges even the tiniest help. Just a small help from your side by sponsoring a girl child with Vidyaranya will make you Kudos.


The daily chores: Imagine yourself without a plate to eat or napkin to wipe your dirty hands. Bed, clothes, groceries, furniture, may be a basic need for you. But there are many people who consider these basics as “elite” options.


Helping such people will make you feel someone-above-ordinary (no, not superman, duh!). You can share your kindness by donating for NGOs for their daily operations. Cheshire Homes and Swanthana can help you out. There’s no specific list to buy. Anything from clothes to craft papers is considered as help from you. (Told you, don’t need money to buy happiness!).


Save childhood: Does seeing a child working at the ‘tapri’ bother you? If yes, then take initiative and be part of real solutions. Only raising your furious eyebrows are not enough to help these children. Organizations like Maya impart vocational training programs to street children and get them enrolled in schools.


Do you need to know what a school is for a child? (You certainly remember your childhood days, don’t you?) Then, why not help these young ones too. Akshaya Patra is another NGO that has won worldwide recognition for discouraging child labor and providing better education to these children. This won’t take much of your time or money.


Let’s celebrate in style!


If you think that you you can celebrate your special day with the needy, then here is your best chance to make someone’s day. You can send a wire transfer, write a cheque or process remittance services. Some of these organizations even give you tax benefit exemptions (another reason to donate!).

Looking for more ways to help? Then stay tuned, we still have more plans to share and help. Till then, keep helping and feel happy!

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