5 Completely awesome themes for your kid’s next birthday

Gone are those days when kids used to be excited about presents, cakes or choosing which chocolates to distribute to their classmates. At least we were very much excited about the presents we would receive from our friends. But, these days kids expect a lot out of their birthdays, starting from the theme to the kind of fun activities involved. So here are the Top 5 completely awesome themes to choose from to surprise your little one.

It is Minion-zing

It’s Ba Ba Banana time! Like come on, who doesn’t love minions. They are crazy, innocent, stupid and lovely. The animated character has a lot of liking not only among the kids but also elderly people. This would surely make a loud and cheerful birthday party.


I’m the Snow Queen

The Frozen theme has been one of the top themes for the girls since its release. This theme will make your little girl feel like the queen of Andrelle (the snow queen) who is brave and kind hearted at the same time. Apart from the theme there can be a lot of activities (building a snowman with cotton, cotton snowball competition) which can engage kids and they can have some fun time.


I like to move it move it!

How does it feel when all the characters of Madagascar escape from the jungle to land at your kid’s birthday party? Wouldn’t that just be crazy. They would just light up the party with their crazy dance moves. You just need to beware of Villain penguins not to turn up in the middle of the party. Just kidding!



The heading says it all. Choosing this amazing theme will make for an entertaining birthday party. The colours in this theme will bring out the circus inside of you, and who knows this might give you the most cheerful moments in your kid’s life. From the cake to the real clown this theme will give you the best birthday party experience.


A cupcake a day keeps the sweet tooth away

Yes, kids will be excited enough when they hear about cakes, chocolates, etc. But what if you’re able to make them feel like they are in a candy world, where all you can see is candies, candies and candies. Well, this theme gives your kid a unique experience. A table filled with cookies and cakes and with the ambiance of a candy world, can make a perfect sweet tooth birthday party.

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