Bangalore’s best entertainers to jazz up your kid’s birthday party

Yes, crafts and games will be fun addition for your kid’s birthday party, but sometimes you want to give your kid something extra special to celebrate their most awaited day of the year ;). For this knowing about the latest entertainers in your city is a must and we have compiled few of the best entertainers in the city who can create truly memorable moments and will ensure that you have a fantastic birthday party.

Bring out the circus inside you

Meet the friendliest clown in town who has made it his profession 8 years ago. He knows the art of engaging with the little ones and always leaves an everlasting impression on them.

Show Includes:

  • Clown performance for 1.5 hours.
  • Interactive balloon sculpting
  • Clown magic with Balloon fun
  • Juggling for 15-30mins.
  • If time remains, he can organize 2-4 games depending on age and mood of children


I’m an all rounder


From the magic shows to the mimicrying he’s got everything under his belt. He is a multi-talented artist who has been entertaining the kids for 14 long years. He engages both the kids and adults very well.

Show Includes:

  • Magic show with fun tricks
  • Juggling
  • Mimicry for kids
  • ventriloquism for kids
  • Games for both kids and adults


I’m a crowd pleaser


A true professional in doing magic tricks with hand shadow play and uni-cycling will surely make your guest go wooow! He is born with ultimate talents and he made this his profession 5 years ago. He will engage the kids and the adults by creating an ambiance filled with excitement and entertainment.

Show Includes:

  • Juggling
  • Hand shadow play
  • Unicycling
  • Magic show
  • 2-3 hours


I’m the tattoo expert


A tattoo artist who is passionate and loves interacting with the kids. She is known for her unique and perfect artwork. She designs the tattoos according to the theme of the party and has a lot of liking among the kids.

Show Includes:

  • The duration for tattoo artist is 2 hour
  • She uses only good quality non hazardous colours for drawing tattoos.
  • No. of tattoos are 30
  • Max no. of kids 20 – 25


I’m the puppet master


It takes us all back to those days where the theatre play has begun. It’s a unique and rare art form which is known to be most complex one to manipulate. This puppet master will take you back to those old memories and also make the kids wonder how it is actually done. He is able to perform all the acts right from dandiya dance to dance for a Bollywood tune.

Show Includes:

  • String puppet show for 20 to 45 minutes.
  • Different acts involved: Ganesh Puja, Dandiya dance, snake charming dance, fun with acrobatic, dance for the Bollywood tune, monkey fight, tale of Tenali Raman and final interaction
  • Puppets made up of wood with a height of 2.5 to 3 feet height which weighs about 10-12 kgs.
  • Real theatre decorum while watching this puppet show.


We feel the kids will give a hearty cheers to any of these birthday party entertainers. You are just 3 click away from having one of them for your party. And did we mention, booking an entertainer for your closed one’s birthday party can be the best gift ever. After all who doesn’t love to have fun. Check out more entertainment options along with spectacular birthday themes, yummy snacks and more here:


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