See How The “Smash” Cake Trend Is Taking One Year Old Parties By Storm

Before we go into the details a lot of you will ask this… but where did this cake smash tradition come from? It seems to have had a BIG, I mean HUGE, following within the last 8 or so years. Almost every 1st birthday session, with any photographer, involves the famous cake smash.

Usually a smash cake is a small cake which is of 5-8 inches and is of single layer. It usually accompanies with a well decorated theme cake. The smash cake is for the birthday boy or girl to do whatever they want with it, eat it, destroy it, throw it and smash it to their own faces. It sounds so much fun, right?


Where on earth did this tradition originate from?


Most people say it originates from the Mexican tradition. They celebrate what is called, the Mordida. That said, the idea behind the smash cake is to ceremoniously give your baby their first real taste of sugar. Everyone around them sings, Mordida! Mordida! Mordida! It means bite in Spanish.


So here’s why you need to start this trending tradition for your kid’s First Birthday.


They look really adorable!


You will have a lot of “awww” moments during the cake smash session.


You get Priceless Photos


Have your camera ready! The reactions and faces are absolutely priceless.


It’s free entertainment.


No need to hire a magician or an MC. Guests will love watching baby destroy their cake.


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


When else are they going to get to eat like cavemen while an audience cheers them on?


Well, I’m not saying it is a must to have a smash cake session for your child’s first Birthday. However, You can have a much more memorable time on their birthday by having a smash cake session. What’s even more heartwarming is to see those photos after 10 years.


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