Here’s Why You Need To Start Using Gift Registry For Your Wedding!

Nowadays, for guests, deciding on what to wear isn’t the only stress-inducing part of attending a wedding, in fact they also have to figure out what they have to gift the happy couple, a decision which involves a lot of thinking (How well do we know what they want? How much money to spend?). Gifting wasn’t always a concern until recent past.

Back in the old days, many families arranged marriages in order to merge family fortunes. Wealthy groom’s families would offer a piece of land, money or a portion of a profitable business in exchange for the bride’s hand in marriage.


The bride’s family would then give the groom a bridal dowry which would essentially turn out to contain what we refer to as traditional wedding gifts. (But unfortunately this is still happening in some parts of the country while many of us are moving towards modern era.)


And fast forward a few hundred years…

And the answer to the question “what is a wedding registry” changed. The concept of an actual wedding registry came about in 1924, when a family decided they wanted to create a system in order to help wedding guests select gifts. Originally it was a hand-written list.

Then enters Target, a wedding registry company who by all accounts revolutionized the bridal registry process. In 1995 they established the first scanner-friendly wedding gift registry with an electronic database. This created a solution to keeping track of registry purchases, thus trying (and still somehow failing) to eliminate double or triple gifting.


Making use of an online wedding registry allows you to create something that is uniquely you. A wedding registry that reflects what you really want and need to start your life together.

It is a better way to ask your guests to ask your guests for particular gifts rather than ending up with things you actually don’t use at all.


Not only does this benefit the couples, but with collaborative gift giving, guests can contribute quickly and easily towards a big size gift.



Modern couples are finding creative ways to celebrate their day, including setting up charity donations or just asking for cash (politely, of course).



Though registries are not mandatory, they are still considered an essential part of your wedding planning. So, Make sure you do your research and find a registry that will best suit the needs of you and your partner.

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