10 Must-Know Secrets To Organize 1st Birthday Party [From Real Parents]

From planning ideas to helpful fashion tips for your kid, learn from parents who’ve literally been there, done that.



1.”Plan well in advance, even though we started planning two months ahead, there were some things which we had to do at the last minute.”

– Ms. Nishi

2. “Always and always take an extra pair of clothes for the kid with you, I had a very hard time for my younger one’s first birthday”

– Ms. Reshma



3. “Don’t go just with a stylish outfit for your child. Instead pick the one he/she is comfortable wearing it for a long time. It sometimes becomes suffocating for them, especially if its during summer!

– Ms. Lalitha

4. “I went for an open air venue, and if you’re planning too as well, then its a really good idea cause the kids will have a lawn to play and you don’t to worry about looking after them. But make sure there is no rain forecast for that day.”

– Ms. Akshita



5. “Throw a big party, Even though your kid won’t remember it, you will. So at this age it’s still nice to do something special. You’ll be creating memories for yourselves, and you can also take a lot of  photos that you and your child can look back on.”

– Ms. Annapurna

6. “Seek help from your friends, family or evibe.in. It was not at all easy to plan by ourselves until we discovered evibe.in and then everything was so smooth”

– Mr. Ashuthosh

7. “Order for more than sufficient food, it was embarrassing for me when the food was over and the guests had to wait.”

– Mr. Samarth


8. “Go with a normal cake for your guests, don’t experiment, probably you can go with according to your theme. But make sure you have smash cake got your kid, it was just adorable to watch him.”

– Ms. Manasa

9. “I hired a magician for my party. Even though we don’t enjoy it anymore, I was surprised to see all the kids were really happy, shocked in fact.”

– Mr. Karthik


10. “Just in case, Consider hiring a second photographer. Having two cameras allowed us to see the same moments from different vantage points.”

– Mr. Abhijith


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