10 Do’s and Don’t s Of Throwing A Bachelor Party

The groom now puts a lot of faith in you and gives you the responsibility to plan a Bachelor Party for him. And it is your duty to make sure he has the best time with all his best buddies. So here’s how we come to your rescue, so that you can plan the party the right way.

Here we go:

1. Don’t schedule the party the night before the wedding.


This will be your worst nightmare. No one will expect you to turn with red eyes for your wedding, especially the bride.

2.Do Schedule it a few weeks before.


Yes, it will be hard for all of them to make it up to the party, but you need to work it out this way rather than a day before the wedding. And putting some space between the party and the wedding is great for all involved.

3. Don’t do anything super dangerous or completely stupid.

Do you know how mad his future spouse will be if he’s in a full-body cast on their wedding day knowing that you could’ve prevented it? Don’t let that happen to you, or more importantly, them.

4. Don’t think everyone has money to throw.

Renting a cool villa or a Farmhouse is awesome, but before you go booking anything too crazy, run the idea past the other guys to feel out their budgets.

5. Do pay for all the groom’s expenses.

It’s his party and he will want to spend for everyone. But some times you have to pony up the dough for him. And that means splitting the check equally among everyone, but make sure everyone is OK with that.

6. Don’t invite guests that the groom hasn’t approved.

Let the groom know what the guest list is so that he doesn’t have a falling out with anybody.

7. Don’t, try to make it “the more the merrier” kind of event.

Don’t fall for “the more the merrier”. Put some thought into who should and should not be invited. It is better for you that the guests are not just ‘acquaintances’. So, stick to the “best and good” friends list.

8. Don’t forget to schedule nap time.



If you are doing a whole weekend, you will no doubt party hard Friday night. This means you must take time to recharge Saturday so the night isn’t a complete wash. Plus, who doesn’t like a good nap?

9. Do make sure the events are based on groom’s interests

Not all details have to be run by him, but just be sure that whatever is happening is up his alley. If you love Goa but the groom really loves camping, then by all means, go camping. Just remember that even though you’re doing the planning, the party isn’t about you.

10.Do keep the groom in check by keeping yourself in check.

No one should be pressuring anyone else to do things they don’t want to do, either. Just give the groom the party he deserves by showing him a blast before he heads off into marital bliss and everyone will go home happy campers.

Keep this in mind before planning an awesome bachelor party for the groom and help him start his marital life in grand style. And if you need some more help in choosing the venues, entertainment options and food. You can always visit evibe.in where you can plan your entire bachelors party at one place.


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