How To Plan Your School Reunion And Relive Those Lost Memories

Since the technology keeps evolving day by day, there are many ways to communicate with your best friend and keep a track of your old school friends on Facebook. It’s so much easier to find and communicate with them now. But its just not the same as meeting them personally and remembering those long lost memories and reliving them once again over a reunion.

How long has it been that you have seen your best friend at school? Or your crush? Or your worst enemy? You sure made a lot of memories with all of them. Wouldn’t it be great if you take a break from all the work stress and meet them all. It will be so much fun! You can laugh at the times you were caught by the teacher. Or tease your friends with their ex. Life has changed a lot but those memories are still with you and will be forever.

But what if you were asked to organize the event? Where would you start? When should you start? Should you hire a reunion planner, form a reunion committee or do it all yourself?


1. Always ask other members in the group for help


Get the word out – let others know you’re planning a reunion event. Give your friends plenty of notice. Ask them for some help with booking the venues, ordering food etc.


2. Plan Early


Don’t wait to plan! The sooner you can secure a date and place the wider your selection will be, and the sooner  your friends can put it on the calendar to make sure they can be there. Usually three or four months advance notice will allow attendees to plan vacation time or make adjustments in scheduling.


3. Choose a venue which fits your audience


It’s very hard to choose the best venue for the right audience. You can always go with the place which has sports, lawns, huge lodging and good food.


4. Assign each member of your newly formed reunion committee a specific task.


This could be tasks such as what kind of games to organize, looking after the budget, arranging the food for the event, booking the venue etc.


5. Give each member written instruction regarding how to execute his or her task. 


Create a timeline reminder and tell them to complete the tasks by the deadline. So that you don’t have to run around until the last minute.


6. Decide some of the main things that will occur at the reunion.


For example, you may wish to honor, acknowledge those who have achieved something remarkable, suppose someone has won a great award or started a multi million dollar company. Always be sure to encourage each other.

  • During the gathering have lots of food and drink available.
  • Share stories and recollect memories. Don’t gossip or spread rumors; keep everything positive and friendly.
  • Bring lots, and lots of love. Even for people you used to clash with!


It’s always nice when the process of planning becomes simple and hassle free, right? Well you can now plan your reunions in a simple way. Visit now and plan your reunions without any worries.

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