Top 5 creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Balloons

Top 5 creative ideas to celebrate valentine's day with balloons

It feels like yesterday we were ringing in the New Year, but we’re already close to February, which means Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner! How about celebrating valentine’s day with balloons? Balloons are something which can be associated with joy, happiness and cheerfulness. Any festive occasion needs balloons. There are so many things which one can do with balloons which are not possible with any other decorative material. We have bright and creative ways to celebrate valentine day with balloons that make a unique Valentine gift and would surely be appreciated by both women and men alike.


1. Pop me balloons with rose petal decor

Pop me balloons
Pop me balloons
Rose petals message
Rose petals message










Imagine how exciting it would be to make your loved one pop a balloon filled with love notes, and showing your personalised romantic gesture with rose petals which delight your loved one? This is literally any one’s valentine’s daydream.


2. Balloons with secret messages

Balloons with secret messages
Balloons with secret messages
Customized messages to be placed inside the balloon
Customized messages










Tell your valentine how much they mean to you with a secret message hidden inside the balloon. You can place your personalised love note inside the balloon and ask your loved one to find those balloons which have messages and pop them to reveal the message. This would be a thoughtful and fun moment for you both.


3. A room full of balloons


Heart shape Balloons
Heart shape balloons


Balloons all over the room
Balloons all over the room


Imagine you work all the day and reached home all exhausted. The moment you open the door, you see your loved one welcoming with the room full of balloons. We all know that the kid in us love balloons and with a lot of them he/she just goes crazy.




4. Custom balloon pathway

Rose petals and Balloon Pathway
Balloon  pathway with  Rose petals
Helium Balloon Pathway
Helium Balloon pathway













This was the first time someone made me feel like a princess since my dad, I love you my hubby!

says Pooja for the surprise on her 25th birthday. We are sure this works great for Valentine’s Day too. Well, who does not loved to be treated like a princess?  🙂


5. Photo balloons


photos attaches to the balloon strings
Photos attached to the balloon


You will have a lot of photos together, hang all such beautiful pictures to the balloons with streamers which will give a nostalgic feeling and make your day a more memorable one.

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