How to Host a Memorable Housewarming Ceremony Within a Budget

It’s finally happened: You found your dream house. Getting a house for yourself is one of those unbelievable moments in life that makes you proud. A housewarming celebration gives you an assurance as to staying proud of your achievements. Shifting to a new home is one of the most exciting and important life event. It is the perfect opportunity to show off their new home to the important people in their lives. Hosting a housewarming is a great way to welcome everyone into your new home also, a perfect excuse for catching up with friends and family left behind in the old neighborhood. A housewarming celebration should not be about just inviting your guests over, it’s about filling your home with good vibes.


Hosting a Housewarming!

When you plan on hosting a party on your own, you will have to see your home is in perfect shape and everything is unpacked. Visitors will be curious to see your home so keeping it clean is a must. Your friends and family will understand that it takes a little time to get settled, but other guests won’t. To make sure your guests have a good time keep decor, food and drinks simple. Here are the things you have to take care of to make your housewarming memorable for everyone.


For any housewarming party decorations are necessary. The decor is the most important thing for a housewarming party. When the ambiance is pleasant, people are drawn towards the place. The housewarming party may not have a fully furnished house. Your guests will think that your party is different from the rest of the houses by the way you decorate it using flowers. You got to keep the decor simple so that it does not distract the guests from the features of your new house. A few cheery floral arrangements at the entrance will be more than enough to charm the guests.



Housewarming rites should be conducted when you are moving into a house to remove unseen entities. This ceremony is another vital aspect and it is compulsory before moving into a house, whether rented or owned. Several Pujas like Ganesh Puja, Navagraha Puja, Vaastu Puja, etc. are done as part of your Griha Pravesh puja. Therefore, hire and talk to the Priest about the arrangement that needs to be taken care of. These days, you can get all the specific Puja-related Samahagri along with the priest when you book them online.



Since guests will be walking about and checking your home during your housewarming party, this is an ideal situation for casual, finger foods. Decide early on if you’re catering the housewarming yourself or if you’re going to take the stress away by hiring a catering service. Plan your menu in advance and strategically to ensure you have the right mix of appetizers and snacks. Also, keep a note of any special food requirements of your guests, and plan for enough food options that will satisfy everyone. Make sure that no one leaves hungry!


Add – Ons

Lastly, you should remember to enjoy yourself! As the one hosting the housewarming party, you play an important role in setting the mood so if you’re seen having a great time, your guests will too. Save the washing up for the morning after. Instead, focus on why you’re celebrating in the first place.

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