Top 8 Simple Balloon Decorations For Birthday Party At Home In Hyderabad

simple balloon decoration

When you want to host a memorable birthday party for your child, you might be tempted to spend more than you can afford to make their big day special. Well, home parties are generally more affordable and it wouldn’t be colorful until you opt for balloon decorations. You can hold a fabulous kids birthday party with simple balloon decorations, little money, and still, have your kid and guests in awe. So, you might be looking for a creative and unique way to set them up at home.

Here we share some of the best suitable decorations for your home.

1. Flower Balloon Decoration:

birthday party flower decoration

Instead of just arranging colorful balloons all over your walls, you can go for creative and lovely flower balloons. This flower balloon decoration will be perfect for your girl child birthday which makes birthday party cute, entertaining and unique!

2. Balloon Bunches Decoration:

simple balloon decoration for birthday party

This is as simple as it looks- balloon bunches of different sized and colored balloons can add great flair. They can be bunched up together with frills, ribbons or alone to make kids and guests go crazy.

3. Colorful Drapes LED Decoration:

birthday party drapes decoration

Do you want to amaze all the attendees of your party? If yes, drapes and LED lights along with balloons are a perfect choice. This decoration goes perfectly for both girl and boy birthday party. Brighten up your party with this decoration!

4. Beautiful Butterfly balloon decoration:

butterfly balloon decoration

Butterfly and Flower Balloons can be combined into a single theme or choose just one for your child’s themed party! Have some butterflies float around the party room with this butterfly balloon decoration. Perfect for your girl child as we believe girl love butterflies more than boys (or are we wrong? ;-)).

5. Amazing Foil Balloon Arch Decoration:

foil balloon decoration

Foil balloons can be used as a perfect blend to the theme of your party as well as its decorations. Character foil balloons are used extensively to plan and decorate a themed party, where kids also like such cartoon characters and others, allowing you to see more happy faces at your party.

6. Balloon Streamer Decoration:

helium balloon decoration

Balloons along with streamers are the ultimate in versatile party decorations. They can create bundles of impact at very little cost. The things that you can get with paper streamers are almost endless, from crafting tiny flowers to enormous ceiling decorations they will add color to your party in it’s own way.

7. Balloon Wall Decoration:

balloon wall decoration

Want a great backdrop? Just cover the wall with balloons. Balloon walls make great photo backdrops as guests and kids want some clicks at a party as a memory with a really nice backdrop.  

8. Balloon Pillar Decoration:

simple balloon decoration for birthday

Balloon Pillars add elegance, color to child’s birthday party. Placing elegant balloon pillars at the entrance or around desserts/cake table would grab everyone’s eyeballs and add classiness to your decorations.


Which decor will you be opting for your child’s next birthday party? Do you want more of such amazing decorations? Well, sky is the limit. Browse all decorations which go perfectly for a home birthday party.



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