“How I Hosted a memorable Housewarming party” – Vijaya shetty

house warming party in hyderabad

Buying a home is a happy moment for anyone. Be it an apartment, a row house, or a villa, purchasing and moving into a house that you own is an incredible experience. Vijaya Shetty also wanted to host a memorable housewarming party. Listen how she had a great housewarming party in her words.

She says…

Venue: Of Course my home, it being my housewarming party 🙂

  Place: Manikonda, Hyderabad

As per Hindu scriptures, Griha Pravesh is a ceremony performed on the occasion of one’s first entry into a new house. I had already entered my home weeks back and I had not clue what I was solemnizing!!! Some people don’t need a reason to celebrate, probably this is one of those :).

As people say “Begin a new task with the blessings of Holy Spirit” and I too have seen and experienced Griha Pravesh puja before which was full of pujas to summon the gods to bless the house and its occupants.

There are various other ceremonies performed for Griha Pravesh some of which I’m aware of:

  • Break a coconut and keep it as an offering
  • Bottle Gourd breaking at the house entrance
  • There is also a custom followed in some regions to bring a cow into the house
  • And the most famous of all customs: Boiling Milk ceremony

Little more insight into the last custom, coz I experienced it on my house ceremony. Initially, I was worried how to arrange all these things within a short time as my puja date was fast approaching. I was scrambling around the net for party planners. Then I came across Evibe.in where I could see all the requirements for housewarming right from flower decoration to food catering. Guess What even priest also. It was the first time I was seeing booking priest online. I booked everything right from flower decoration to food to priest. The decoration was awesome on our Griha Pravesh. My guests were very impressed, and finally, the puja went very well. The priest was very interactive he was explaining each and everything in detail and reasons for doing it. Totally Loved it! “

A glimpse of Vijaya Shetty’s housewarming party:


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