6 Best Marigold Housewarming Decoration Ideas In Bangalore

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First of all congratulations on your new home and hats off for all the efforts you have chipped in for this magnificent building to rise above its foundation. It is in the Hindu tradition to perform certain rituals before you step into your new house. Flower decoration plays an imperative role in housewarming ceremony especially marigold.  Since Lord Vishnu and his wife Goddess Lakshmi were worshiped with marigolds, this particular flower type is a representation of divine blessing to the newly built house to have a happy and prosperous. Marigolds are also known as the ‘herbs of the sun’ thus, symbolize passion, creativity, brightness, and positivity bestowed on the house and family.

Take a tour of traditional and different marigold flower decoration ideas you can use for your housewarming ceremony.


1. Traditional Flower Decor For Housewarming

flower decoration for housewarming

No decoration feels complete with out fresh flowers, the minimalistic floral arrangement creates an ideal entrance for housewarming. Ensure the entire window is covered with different colored marigold flowers to give an astoundingly festive look for your home.


2. Marigold Flower Rows Along With Silver Balls

flower decoration for housewarming ceremony

Silver balls when attached with the flowers, beauty becomes double. You can add different marigold flowers of your favorite color to give the color theme to your ceremony.


3. Grand Marigold Housewarming Decor

marigold flower decoration for gruhapravesham

More in tune with the traditional Hindu ceremony, this gorgeous decoration is just about ready for the ceremony to take place. The marigolds are a familiar touch and have been laid out in exquisite fashion. The gerbera flowers on the top gives a perfect welcome touch, giving a bright and soothing tone.


4. Classic Marigold Decor For Housewarming

traditional flower decoration for housewarming

Flowers like marigold are regularly used for housewarming. Add gerbera flower bunch or bouquet which will give classy look for the home.


5. Simple Marigold Floral Decors

simple housewarming decoration

housewarming decoration

The decoration can be as simple as the picture says, these simple marigold flower hangings will add festive and traditional look to your home on housewarming ceremony.


6. Marigold Flower Rows Along With Parrots

housewarming decoration ideas

This majestic bird addition have come to rule everything on the ceremony because of its cultural and aesthetic beauty. Make an enormous impact with them like a parrot. Parrots hung to the marigold flowers will be an added advantage. 


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  1. The ways you provided for decorating the house are very nice and helpful. One more way we can make use of marigold flowers is making garland of it and putting it in vase in flowing manner.

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