Marigold Magic – 8 Unique Marigold Flower Decors For Wedding In Hyderabad

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Weddings in India and any special occasion for that matter are always graced and decorated with colorful flowers. One of the most popular flowers that feature in weddings here is the marigold. Round, fragrant and bursting with color, the marigold is widespread in India and easily available almost year round. They are often used for torans, draped on walls and pillars, for mandap decorating and wedding garlands as well. People often use marigolds along with rangoli designs and diyas for easy and colorful touches at wedding venues, homes and places of worship. The marigold flower is also considered to be a symbol of peace, prosperity and reflects the colors of auspicious items like the sindoor and Haldi used in many weddings and religious ceremonies. So, we came up with few unique marigold flower decoration ideas for your wedding.

Here we go…


1. Marigold Hangings

flower decoration for wedding

You can keep marigold decor as simple still it fills the joy everywhere with its instant color. If you see this decor, there are only marigold flowers hung on the plain satin cloth.


2. Marigold Flower Wall Decor

marigold flower decoration for wedding

Flower wall decors have been becoming a trend these days. Filling up the entire wall or stage with flowers or drapes is an ongoing trend in wedding decoration.  With 2 different colors and parrot models in between, this decor is looking gorgeous


3.Marigold Floral Rows

traditional flower decoration for wedding

There are so many beautiful details in this decor to observe apart from marigold, those are cute parrot models and a traditional coconut wall decor. And as usual marigold is the highlight of the decor.


4. Marigold Decor With Banana Leaves

traditional marigold decor for weding

Banana leaves are the symbol of tradition in an Indian wedding.  With banana leaves as the backdrop, marigold flower rows along with beautiful flower rangoli are the highlight of this decor.


5. Beautiful Marigold Floral Wall 

flower wall decor for wedding

A picture says it all! This decoration will give you a traditional look for your wedding. You can arrange as many rows you want based on the stage.


6. Marigold Flower Balls

flower ball decor for wedding


Flower balls and marigold rows could light up a place. The best thing about this decor is their versatility. You can hang them on the wall as you see in the picture, or you can drape it around, or swirl it around the staircase-there are so many possibilities.

7. Traditional Marigold Floral Decor

traditional decor for wedding

More in tune with the traditional Hindu ceremony, this gorgeous decoration is just about ready for the ceremony to take place. The marigolds and flower rangoli are a familiar touch and have been laid out in exquisite fashion.


8. Roses And Marigold Decor

flower decoration for wedding

This is one of the easiest wedding decoration. Hang marigold flower rows. Choosing rose flower bunches or rows will be a great addition for decoration.


Which marigold decor are you choosing for your wedding celebrations? If you have or tried any other decors with marigold flowers leave us comments!

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