7 Simple And Stunning Mehendi Decor Ideas For Home

mehendi decor ideas

Well, who doesn’t want their Mehendi function to be remembered and memorable for quite a long time? Everybody does right! You for trying to make the party memorable, end up spending a lot of time and money on the process and also your Mehendi function is actually the one event you can have control on – which is right from the guest list to the decor, to food without even causing hoch-poch. Mehendi party at home or in your garden & you don’t want to shell out a bomb? Check out these simple and super cool Mehendi Decor Ideas for a perfectly fun and happening Mehendi!


Use Bold and Warm Colors for Mehendi Decor

mehendi decor ideas

Since the environment of a Mehendi ceremony is homely and casual; brightly colored fabric used for Mehendi decor will not only give the event an exotic and festive flair but also add warmth and intimacy. A cool way of transforming the space for your Mehendi is by bringing in bold and fun colors such as lime green, yellow, blood orange and red. Using such color palettes will also make your venue (might be home also) cozy and welcoming for your guests. Lately, we have also seen neon being used as a color palette for many Mehendi functions. Neon is fun and funky!

Cool Photobooths

photobooth ideas for mehendi ceremony

Nowadays, the trend of Photobooths has taken over wedding ceremonies. Everyone loves these awesome Photobooths which make any ceremony lively and fun. They can be made out of marigold flowers for a traditional Indian  Mehendi ceremony feel. It can be shaped like sunglasses and people will surely go wild clicking pictures here.

Traditional little Accessories

mehndi decor ideas

Highlight the space with easily available and fun accessories. You can use pinwheels, colorful pots, temple bells, traditional puppets, lanterns and even colorful diyas. These accessories will transform the Mehendi venue to a magical place.

Use Traditional Flowers

mehendi decoration

Traditional flowers are easily available and much cheaper than using western flowers. You can use marigold for a bright orange effect. Gerberas and Jasmine also look beautiful. Space will look cheerful and colorful as well as traditional and ethnic. Such a gorgeous combination!

 Vibrant Umbrellas!

umbrella decor for mehendi function

Colorful umbrellas are a perfect Mehendi prop and gift too! Use them as an entrance theme or hang them from a brightly dolled up tree.


Flower Rangoli

flower rangoli decor for mehndi

Making a Rangoli is the best way Mehendi Decor as it beautifies the entire venue with its colors and designs. Coloured Sand, glitter, flowers and paints can be used to make stunning rangoli at the entrance of the venue. Many small rangolis can be made all around the venue.

Swing Away!

mehendi decor ideas

And don’t forget a special seating for the pretty bride – it’s your day! You can easily doll up an indoor or outdoor swing with fresh flowers for a Royal seat and great photo op.

A little planning and these nifty decor ideas are all you need to get your Mehendi decor right! Budget-friendly and easy to personalize – these great inspirations are enough to set your party rocking. What’s your favorite? Share with us in comments below!

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