6 Fabulous Drapes Decoration Ideas For Wedding Reception

drapes decoration ideas for wedding reception

A surefire way to completely revamp your wedding reception space is gorgeous draping! Whether it’s a luxurious ballroom wedding, a rustic barn nuptials, or a tented affair, drapery is a decorative element that makes a huge impact by transforming any simple space to an extraordinary affair. Popular ideas include ceiling canopies, room liners, backdrops, and tent draping. Check out these 6 fabulous draping ideas for transforming your reception space.


Swagged Draping

wedding drapes decoration ideas

Soft chiffon panels accented with twinkle lights, most commonly draped from the center of the venue to the corners in a starburst pattern which will give a royal look for your wedding reception.


Tent Draping

drapes decoration ideas for wedding reception

Tented events can be dressed up with ceiling draping, just like a ballroom. Most commonly, the fabric is draped in a swagged style coming from the peak of the tent. Add a chandelier for an even more elegant look.


Entrance Decor

wedding entrance decoration

Yes, we are talking about the gorgeous, elegant swags of fabric that drapes around the entrance. Make your guest’s first peek into your wedding reception unforgettable! Adding classy drapes for the entrance will lend a touch of elegance to your decor!


Flat Draping

ceiling decorations for wedding

Formed by spreading out the chiffon panels horizontally across the room to create a canopy-like effect with a modern feel. Twinkle lights and projected gobos are beautiful additions.



reception stage decor ideas

Skirting on tables and stages are created with lightweight fabric hand-pinned into simply tailored pleats or ruched swags.


Stunning Canopy/ Mandap

wedding mandap decors

Fabric hung from pillars or pipe & drape structures that create a covering overhead. Often enhanced with lighting, crystals, or flowers.


So, if your wedding reception is around the corner, do not forget to use our amazing drapes decor ideas to make your venue look lovely and elegant just with drapes. If you have any other draping ideas, please do share in comments.

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