6 Unique Paper Craft Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

baby shower decorations

The little one will be here any day, and you can bet the mom-to-be is ready. We all know that baby shower is the sweetest thing. Almost every mom had or going to have a baby shower party to welcome her baby, to get some wishes, advice, and ideas from other moms and of course, to get some gifts, too :)! This is a cheerful and memorable moment for moms-to-be. So, why not celebrate this precious moment and make it a day to be remembered for new moms. When it comes to celebration, decorations are very important. Well, balloons and baby shower themes became very common and you might be wanting some fresh and unique decorations. Today we are going to help you with unique paper craft decorations for a baby shower.

Let’s start!


Baby Shower Special Craft Decor

baby shower

The combination of paper crafts, balloons and shiny streamers at the backdrop make the mum-to-be and guests go awww!


Baby Onesie and Pompoms

baby sower decoration

Why not hang cute baby onesie in pretty colors baby colors at the backdrop for your shower? Blue and pink pompoms running on the top will be a fantastic way to brighten up your shower.


Classy Baby shower Decor

baby shower party

It is as simple as it looks. With minimalistic backdrop with hanging paper lanterns and paper flowers will delight your guests and make you comfortable at the shower.


Giant Paper Flowers

paper flower decoration for baby shower

Colored giant paper flowers impart cheerful radiance for baby shower. Create a huge colorful paper flowers backdrop like these which covers the wall completely. They look so charming and can even stay longer. In fact, you might never want to take them down! You can also add LED decorative lights at the center of each flower. Even a good idea for photo booths!


Paper Fans

baby shower decoration

Pretty-up your decoration and photo booth or add pizazz to your dessert table with fabulous tissue paper fans from Minted. Whether you mix and match colors or go for a bold monochromatic look, these festive decorations are sure to wow your guests. Balloons will be an attraction to the decor.


Pretty Blue and Green Pompoms and Paper Flowers

The combination of pompoms and paper flowers beautify the complete ambiance of  baby shower. Hang them alternatively at distances and make each one of different size. It goes perfectly with both indoor and outdoor  shower.


With these baby shower craft decorations, you will hopefully feel inspired to know what decorations that you will have when throwing your baby shower so that it will truly be an amazing event to celebrate the coming new life.

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