Divyanka’s Birthday Surprise To Her Husband Vivek Is Too Adorable!

One of television’s favorite actresses, Divyanka Tripathi, tied the knot with co-star Vivek Dahiya. While most of us know her as the lovable Ishi Maa of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. As we all know that, they both fell in love on the sets of the popular Tv show and tied the knot in July. This lovely pair setting us the major couple goals since they got married. Recently Vivek turned a year older and Divyanka gave him a surprise which was too adorable! Want to know what it is? Read below…


Divyanka celebrated Vivek’s birthday on a private yacht along with the family as he personally loves beach and waters. Vivek posted the pictures from his birthday celebration on his social media. 

surprise planners

 (Image: Instagram)

Divyanka’s Sister Priyanka helped her to pull this surprise very well.

Divyanka, vivek and their family

(Image: Instagram)

Vivek also delighted by the surprise and shared his experience of his birthday celebration on a yacht, “It’s these days which are going to be part of the photo album we create! What a wonderful surprise and loved every bit of this mini birthday vacation! Special thanks to my lovely sister in law Priyanka together with Wifey!” 

birthday party on yacht

  (Image: Instagram)

Here is the glimpse of his birthday celebration:

birthday surprise for husband

(Image: Instagram)

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